Since my architectural studies in 1991, I’ve been using photography daily as a photographic notebook. When I was a student, I would spend hours in the darkroom in my parents’ attic and developing my photographs.
The arrival of digital photography, and especially Instagram, has been an unexpected opportunity. This allows me to no longer retain my vision of the city to myself, but to share it with a wide variety of people, my followers now numbering more than twenty thousand.

I’m fascinated by the formal daring of certain architecture, whether modern or old. Now, I shoot what is called on Instagram Architecture Porn…these strong images crossed by hyper-complex patterns and cumulative forms, stored and aligned, recognizable by their depth effects and geometric repetitions . This architecture aims to seduce and provoke the excitement of one’s gaze. I neither judge nor criticize, rather suggest in taking pleasure by observing them as they are.

My architectural work (AIR Architectures) is turned on the social role of architecture, public buildings, housing, migrants et homeless, with a research of generous shapes and colors.

As anthropology enthousiast, I now shoot more and more people and focus on portraits, even if architecture is always somewhere behind.